Asset-backed financing

High value assets underpinning OMNIA Bonds II plc


OMNIA Asset Solutions provides collectors with the opportunity to raise finance against their high value luxury assets, generating liquidity and releasing equity with a unique offering. All prospective clients and assets undergo due diligence lead by OMNIA Asset Solutions, who work with highly reputable independent experts internationally.

OMNIA Asset Solutions find prospective clients on behalf of OMNIA Bonds II plc, which requires assets to underpin its bond offering. Asset pledgers can earn an annual income of a fixed percentage of the agreed appraisal value of the asset during the contractual pledge period of five years. The additional benefit being OMNIA absorbing the custodian responsibility and associated costs of pledged assets.

Pledged assets to OMNIA Asset Solutions form an ‘Asset Portfolio’ that underpins the operation of OMNIA Bonds II plc and OMNIA Private Equity, which raise funds and generate returns from the private equity investment deployment.