Offering intelligent alternative financial solutions for sophisticated collectors

Collectors collect for a multitude of reasons, ranging from passion, investment, societal expectation to philanthropic means, but whatever your driver for collecting may be, the reality remains that all assets tie-up capital.

OMNIA Asset Solutions offers collectors to raise finance against their high value assets, generating liquidity and releasing equity. We offer a unique formula for art financing, tailoring solutions to each individual case.


Fine art, classic cars, precious stones and metals are widely accepted as a luxury investment asset class and have a proven longevity. It is notably difficult to release capital tied-up in one’s asset portfolio without having to sell, which can be time-consuming and costly taking into consideration transactional commission, tax and market volatility. The running costs of custodian arrangements for collections are high - insurance, transportation and storage logistics.

Asset financing solutions are a sophisticated wealth-management strategy utilised to free-up capital for the asset owners. OMNIA Asset Solutions enables the asset owner to generate a cash flow from the value of their asset(s) and take over the custodian arrangements for pledged assets during the contractual period.