OMNIA Asset Solutions

We generate investments backed against assets in order to fund the future

OMNIA offers alternative asset financing for sophisticated collectors. Initially, we are focused on the USD 2 trillion art and collectibles asset class. Luxury grade assets appreciate in value in line with market trends, but are not accumulating cash-flow for their owners. OMNIA offers collectors the possibility to generate a revenue stream off the value of pledged collateralised asset(s) without paying high interest rates. OMNIA converts the assets into a bankable revenue stream in order to draw an investment vehicle with fixed-income notes. The OMNIA structure has adopted attractive components of the art finance market.

  • OMNIA Asset Solutions offers private individuals and corporations cash flow opportunities through leveraging their luxury assets of high value, such as fine art, classic cars and precious stones or metals.
  • OMNIA Asset Solutions finds prospective assets and clients, carries out the due diligence of the assets and takes custodian responsibility for all accepted pledged assets.
  • OMNIA Asset Solutions secures the ‘Asset Portfolio’ which underpins the operation of OMNIA Bonds II plc and OMNIA Private Equity, which raise funds and generate returns secured by the asset portfolio.