Unique experience within asset management


Managing Director, OMNIA Asset Solutions

Amelia Hunton is an expert in asset management, whose skill-set encompasses financing, insurance, due diligence and collection management for high-value luxury asset markets, such as fine art, classic cars and precious stones and metals. Her expertise is built on an in-depth understanding of the asset industry and the risks that go with it, due to her academic background (holding undergraduate and master's degree in History of Art) and experience working in both the art and general specie commercial and insurance markets. Over the course of her career, she has cultivated an internationally established network of companies who operate and provide servicing solutions for the art market.

The fine art and specie sector is niche and requires unique expertise to navigate exposures and arrange appropriate protection for assets. Art transaction due diligence is paramount for both OMNIA Asset Solutions and our clients' asset portfolio, and under the leadership of Amelia Hutton we guide our clients through this process.